Strive to paint the magnificent picture of the country’s revitalization

  The nation must revitalize, and the village must revitalize.

After being able to get a victory, it is necessary to fully promote the revitalization of rural villages. This is the historical transfer of the focus of "three rural" work. In the New Year’s congratulations in the next two year, President Xi Jinping fully affirmed that the past year has completed a well-off society to achieve great historic achievements, and the decisive battle to take off the decisive victory. Stressed us to bite the Qingshan does not relax, the foot is on earth, and strive to paint The magnificent picture of the village is steadily moved toward the common prosperity.

The pride is full of declaration, and the long-minded retrieval, give people a deep inspiration, the strength of your strength, inspiring people to pick up the sleeves, and the more difficult it is.

  It is a priority task for implementing a rural revitalization strategy. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping has taken the landmark project that is fully built into a well-off society with the core of Comrade Xi Jinping. It has adopted a major initiative with original originality, uniqueness, and organizes the unprecedentedness of human history. , Benefiting the most demanding warfare warfare.

In 2020, we launched a general attack to the deep poor fortress and smashed the most difficult "hard bones".

After 8 years, nearly 100 million rural poor people under the current standard, all of the 832 poor counties all took a hat, we completed the new era to deplete the poverty-stricken target task, eliminating the absolute poverty and regional overall poverty, making the world A major victory that is scraped. President Xi Jinping’s deep situation: "These years, I went to 14 concentrated perspective regions in the country, the villagers Yugong moved to the mountains, the vastness of the poverty alleviation cadres and the dedication of the villagers, often appeared in the mind." Deversion of poverty has been victory, fully highlighting the party The leadership and the political advantages of my country’s socialist system have shown to the world’s miracles created by the party leaders. "Agriculture, the big industry in the world is also." History and reality tell us that farmers are Boben, Benguang Ning.

We must insist on the use of a great historical view to see agriculture, rural, farmers, only profoundly understand the "three rural" issues, in order to better understand our party, this country, this nation.

It must be seen that comprehensively build a socialist modern country, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the most difficult and heavy tasks are still in the countryside, the most widely and most profound foundation is still in the countryside. Also, we have such a big country with 1.4 billion people, and there is no ready-made experience in rural rejuvenation. At the same time, although the "three rural" work has achieved significant achievements, the agricultural foundation is still unstable, urban and rural areas development and income distribution gap are large, urban and rural development is unbalanced, and rural development is not sufficient is still a concentrated expression of social contradictions.

Therefore, the depth, breadth, breadth, and difficulty of full implementation of rural resolution strategy are not absolutely unpolished, and must strengthen the top design, with more powerful initiatives, gather more powerful forces to advance. "The village revitalization is a big chess. It is necessary to put this big chess. Central Rural Work Conference held last year, in a comprehensive promotion of rural residence, accelerate the modernization of agricultural rurality, and accelerate the modernization of agricultural rurality.

To be sober, the rural rejuvenation is not to sit into it, wait until you come, you can’t send it, you need we firmly confident, bite the goal, hard work, for a long time, try to take this big chess, this big thing. Comprehensively promote the effectiveness of the rural industries, accelerate the development of rural industries, strengthen socialist spiritual civilization construction, strengthen rural ecological civilization construction, deepen rural reform, implement rural construction actions, and promote urban and rural integration, strengthen and improve rural governance, can paint The magnificent picture of the country’s revitalization. Rural Revitalization Strategy is a global, historical task of building a socialist modern country, and a village is a broad world that can be used.

As long as we raise the power of the whole party to promote the revitalization of the country, we will promote high-quality agriculture and efficient, village should be rich in industrial, and the farmers are rich and rich, and the farmers must write new. The new chapter in the Times rural areas.

(Editor: Ma Jianhui, Chen Mingju).