Xian County: Let education poverty alleviation light enlightenment

Education poverty alleviation "leap", promoting education fairness "warm people".

Focus on "Compulsory Education Protection" This core goal has fully implemented education funding funds, and improved the establishment of a diversified student funding policy system for "award, help, loans, replenishment, exemption". In recent years, Education funded for more than 260,000 yuan, funding poor students; implementing college students’ source credit loan policies, issuing poor family student student loan funds more than 65 million yuan, benefiting more than 8,700 people; distributing a host life subsidy of more than 42 million Yuan, benefiting more than 80,000 people, realized all the schools in the county, all schools, all family economic difficult students "three full coverage", ensuring no student suffers from poor. At the same time, establish and improve the relationship mechanism of left-behind children, focus on the education issues of good rural left-behind children, enter the migrant workers, and special children’s educational issues, enter the city, and the compulsory education, "accessible", vision, listening The enrollment rate of intellectual disabled children’s compulsory education reached 100%, further increasing the opportunity of difficult special groups to receive quality education, so that education is unsatisfactory, warm people.

Education and poverty alleviation "repair shortboard", run the "good school" around the people.

The most beautiful scenery is the school, the best equipment in the campus.

In recent years, the county has vigorously promoted the balanced development of the compulsory education, the investment of 2.6 billion yuan, the new Peng Shi Township Center School, Yangdian Township Center School, Chengkou Township Central School Branch, Town Central School Branch, etc. 20 primary and secondary schools Nearly more than 300 primary schools in primary and secondary schools, and there were thousands of new compulsory education degrees. Accelerate the construction of the "two types of schools", coordinate education fund billion, new construction, redevelopment of more than 22 rural boarding schools, nearly 4,500 new boarders; invest nearly 30 million yuan, completed 125 rural areas Small-scale schools conduct standardized transformation, effectively improve and enhance the conditions for running in rural remote schools. Actively promote the construction of education informatization, to all of the county’s schools, Bandan, strengthen teachers informatization training, comprehensively improve the basic conditions and application capabilities of smart education; innovative "Internet + education" model, convergence line, line The next education teaching activities have built the normalization mechanism of urban and rural quality education resources.

Focus on the core goal of the quality of education, implement development management evaluation, pay close attention to routine management, strengthen the integration of academic collaboration, joint teaching and research, urban and rural schools to help, carry out quality courses, etc., promote the comprehensive improvement of urban and rural education teaching quality. At the same time, through strengthening the school and surrounding safety synthesis, campus food supervision, standardizing charges, etc., continuously improve the satisfaction of the masses to education, and earnestly run the "good school" around the people.

Education and poverty alleviation "strong teachers", help the country to win "good future".

Country education development, cultivating teachers are key.

In recent years, the county has accelerated the implementation of rural teachers’ support plan, implementing a rural teacher’s fixed-point nuclear compilation, teacher exchange, treatment guarantee and other measures to ensure that rural teachers have gone, stay, and teach.

Establishing a teacher supplementary mechanism, under urban and rural unified preparation standards, the rural school and remote schools have been inclined. Since 2016, the county has complement nearly 2,800 teachers, of which 80% are assigned to rural schools; in addition, The county also innovates teachers’ supplementation methods, arranged funds more than 50 million yuan, and hiring a follow-up internship teacher in the county primary and secondary schools, effectively solving the problem of shortage of rural school teachers.

Increase urban and rural teachers to exchange roads, enriching teachers’ exchanges, through school-level collaboration, "two districts", to teach to the countryside, and support the development of rural education.

Conscientiously implement the rural teachers ‘life subsidies, teachers’ age allowance, class teacher allowance and other treatment, up to 1300 yuan per month; in 2012, the accumulated investment invested nearly 80 million yuan, and the newly built more than 1,300 rural teachers in the county, and solved nearly 2,600 rural teachers accommodation, effectively improve the work and living conditions of rural teachers, attracting more outstanding talents to rural schools, and help rural education. "Treatment of poverty first, poverty alleviation.

"Fan Jun, Party Secretary and Secretary of the County Education Bureau," Fan Jun, firmly said, "Next, we will take the development of the integration of urban and rural compulsory education into the starting point, further shrink the gap between urban and rural education resources, promote the balanced development of education, and increase education. Poverty Alleviation, let more poor students can change their destiny through education, gradually get rid of poverty, realize their ideals.

(Yixian County Party Committee Propaganda Department Yujiang Li Weifa Zheng Zheng) (Editor: Huang Sha, Yang Xianina).