Xixiu District Cai Guan Town: Party Construction For the Topics Party Day

Recently, the Anshun City Retired Military Affairs Bureau jointly organized the party members and cadres to travel to Cai Guan Town, the theme of "Beautiful Friday, for the Master" Theme Party.

In the event, the Anshun City Retired Military Affairs Bureau, the Xixiu District Retired Military Affairs Bureau, the village branch, a village, a village, a village cadres, etc., the health tools such as broom, clips and garbage bags came to the drug village area. Dam, the phenomenon of stopping the electric vehicle in the ablation, the standard is placed. At the same time, it also rectifies the sporadic cigarette butt, white garbage, rot, rotten, fruits and vegetables, and oil. At the event, everyone is full of effort, fully playing the spirit of dirty, not afraid of tiredness, after all the hard work, the environment of the dam is new, winning the people’s recognition and praise.

"This event, not only creates a clean and beautiful, comfortable and healthy environment, but also improves the people’s care and environmental health, and building a sense of livable rural areas." Zhao Hai, the first secretary of the Zhai Village. "The party built on the development of the theme party day activities, enhancing the unity and cohesiveness of party building work.

Bet, the two branches will be further united, through the party’s construction, to effectively help more people do good things, and open the last kilometer of the service masses.

"Anshun City Retired Military Affairs Bureau Zhao Shijun said. (Sun Xiaoping) (Edited: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.