This year, my country’s Pu Hui smaller loan interest rate continues to stabilize

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 23 (Reporter Zhang Qianqi) China People’s Bank of China Financial Market Division, Zou Wei, 23, said that the financing of small and micro enterprises continued to maintain a good amount of increase, face expansion, and decline.

The weighted average interest rate of the newly distributed Pu Hui Xiaomi Enterprise loan this year in October this year is%, down a percentage point in December 2020.

Puxian small micro-loan interest rates continue to steady and have dropped on the basis of 2020 decline.

At the beginning of the State Council policy routine, Zou Lao said, from the total, from the end of October this year, the discount of small micro-loan balance trillion yuan, year-on-year growth.

From the coverage, the coverage of Puxian small micro loans continues to expand, at the end of October, and the smart micro-loan supports 4.217 million small and micro-operating main body, and the year-on-year increase. Zou Yu introduced that in order to help SMEs solve the problem of financing, the People’s Bank consolidate the effects of two direct entity economic monetary policy tools in the past period. From 2020 to October this year, the bank’s accumulation of trillion loan is still paying interest, of which the premium of small and medium-sized enterprises is still exceeding this interest rate, and the cumulative distribution of universal small and micro credit loans is trillion.

At the same time, Zou Yu said that the People’s Bank also increases the financial support of "specializing in the new" SMEs. By the end of October this year, the whole new "small giant" enterprises exceeded 70%, account average loan The balance is 75.26 million yuan; the convenience of the supply chain of small and medium-sized enterprises, from January to October this year, the Chinese accounts payable financing service platform has supported nearly 20,000 small and medium-sized and medium-sized and medium-sized enterprises to obtain financing trillion yuan. Zou Yu said that next step, the People’s Bank will use a new amount of 300 billion yuan, and guide local corporate banks to increase credit delivery, transfer preferential interest rates to small micro enterprises and individual industrial households; use carbon emission reduction Support tool, 200 billion yuan coal clean and efficient use of special loans, promote the green low-carbon transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises; policy support and funds after the expiration of two tools, and focus on the quality of delay loans and credit loans. , Effectively prevent and control credit risk.