Wuhan Diary: "The same point, give them more love"

"I don’t want to take a needle, I want to go home, I want to go home!" The king’s grandmother on the bed said, while the needle is underwear, it is shocked to quickly appease. "It is necessary to eat, take your needle, and you can let you go home." Guan Wei was comfortable. In the past half an hour, the mood gradually calm the king milk slowly slept … "Little is not more than the photo ‘small naughty bag’.

"Recalling the first temporary care king grandmother, the first hospital of Jilin University, ICU, the child’s ICU, the 84-year-old Wang Grandma is a senior neoplast pneumonia patient, currently in the new city of Wuhan Tongji Hospital. Treatment. The old family has been earlier, and the children’s work is busy. Before the admission, the grandmother has always taken care of themselves.

When I first entered the hospital, Wang’s grandmother didn’t like to talk, and I didn’t like to eat. Most of the time I looked at the ceiling.

Guan Yizhen is a gentle sister in the eyes of children, "female superman", but when she faces Wang Grandma, the "female superman" has also made difficult.

Not only for the care of the patient, there is also a cultivation in the northeast girl’s bones: you turn your more, the more you want to take you! After playing, as long as there is time, she will go to Wang’s grandmother, and also give Wang Grandma "open the small stove". "Wang grandmother loves to eat Switzerland." Guan Yu said, every time you look at Wang’s grandmother, you will bring milk and Swiss rolls, and will be about to kill our grandmother: eat well, don’t take it! " .