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  "If we install an elevator voice report layer system, our blind is wrong to reduce the embarrassment of the embarrassment, and travel can be relatively convenient." On the 16th, Ms. Zhao, who lived in Xi’an Haiyi Taipei Bay Community, to enter Hua Shang Daily News Hotline 029–88880000 said.Tell: "According to the wrong floor, I led the son to find a home." In the experience of Ms. Zhao, there is a lot of things in the elevator floor, one thing is impressed.

  "About 2020 winter, the son is less than 2 years old.

One day, he had a grandfather next building, and his son went to find grandfather, but we went downstairs and took him home."Ms. Zhao said," When I went upstairs, no one in the elevator, I drew 12 layers of buttons, after the elevator door opened, I took my son out of the elevator.

At the door of the door, I didn’t touch the toy car of the son, and I walked toward the other grandmother in the stairs. The grandmother’s house has a iron door, and it is more obvious. The result is not touched. "Ms. Zhao said she asked her consciousness." After going out, I can’t get home.

But the son does not understand, just crying, I can’t read it, I am going to go home ‘… "" At that moment, it is really helpless, weak, and feels no.

The feeling is still in my heart.

"Ms. Zhao said," I have to call my dad phone. He has returned home, calling me and my son’s name, only put us home from the stairs. I only knew that I was out of the elevator from the 9th floor. When I took the elevator, I must wait for someone to sit.

"Experience: According to the floor, the floor, the blind people are not easy on the 15th, Huashang reporter followed Ms. Zhao to experience the whole process of the blind, and Ms. Zhao was accompanied by, and even people did not She is blind.

But a home, every step, she is careful, and the blind stick explores for a long time.

  At the sea of ??Haihai, the Taipei Bay Community, there are three elevators per layer, but the elevator is not connected.

For Ms. Zhao, the first step in riding the elevator is to press the downlink button.

"This is not too difficult, I can press the 2 buttons.

"Ms. Zhao said, putting down the downstream. She said slightly:" This spoke is god. "Wiring into the elevator, Ms. Zhao is a little, if no one reminds the arrangement of the stairs buttons, she does not find the right floor button.

"The layout method of each floor of three elevators in major communities is not quite the same, I need to react for a while.

"Ms. Zhao said," "This is the key to the opening of the elevator. This is 1 layer. "This time she is right. There is also a difficulty: the floor.

"Usually, if you have a person who takes the elevator at the same time, most people are more friendly, they will call me in the floor. But if you are alone, you can take a lot of elevators, and the floor is particularly confused. "Ms. Zhao said," So, especially hope to install automatic voice broadcast system in the elevator, so that we can clearly know which level of the elevator is parked, it will always feel that you are so useless. " Difficult: On the one hand, it is a fundamental issue whether the neighbor agrees with the appeal of Ms. Zhao, the resident of the community property, Ms. Zhao, has also reflected the appeal to the property.

  "As the person in charge of the community, I can understand it, and I also support it, and I have already reported to my superior leaders: the relevant person in charge of the Beidou property reflects. But we also face some real problems, on the one hand, this system installation funds and safety Question, on the other hand, whether other owners of the community agree, mainly to disturb the people. We plan to collect opinions on the unit of Ms. Zhao on November 17, at least half of the above owners need to agree. "Sound:" The elevator installed speech broadcast system is our common needs of our blind. "Huashang reporter also interviewed some blind people, and they all said that this is a common demand for most dominance groups. Ms. Yos Wang, the owner of the Sunshine Community, Shiqiao District, Textile City, said: "I have a visual impairment of residual vision, but if the display of the elevator floor is relatively high, I can’t see it.

In addition, the elevator floor button is very hard to find, and the elevator has already wondered the floor when the button is found.

If there is an automatic voice broadcast system, it can greatly reduce these inconvenience. "Ms. Chen, the owner of the owner of the Rongde Palm Sunshine Community, said:" As a full blind person, I sincerely hope that the elevator can install the automatic voice broadcast system and reduce the inconvenience. Mr. Zhang, the owner of the Gaoling District Hui Denja Community, said: "The blind man took the elevator, who did not follow the wrong floor, the embarrassment of the wrong floor sometimes encounters the key to insert the key to open the key, can’t open the door, attract people owners Out of viewed embarrassment. We are afraid that no one is afraid, no one is too much, no one can find buttons, people don’t know where, especially in the peak of get off work, we will enter and go in the elevator for half an hour or even For a longer, which is the boss dare to hire us, but we have to live, but also to raise a family, you have to work, I really hope that our little appeal can be seen by everyone, hear, hope that the relevant departments can help us This wish. "Professionals: This system generally does not have safety hazards and the Zhang Gong of the elevator maintenance company." Automatic voice broadcast system belongs to the elevator option, if this feature is selected when customizing the elevator, then the elevator can Enable this feature, if there is no option, it is not particularly troublesome, and only needs to pick a few signals when the elevator is up, down, and the flat layer is connected. As for security hidden dangers, disturbances and cost issues, Zhang Shen said: "There is basically no safety hazard problem, and you can use the original line to add power and signal sources. In addition, most of the speech broadcast systems can adjust the volume, and the disrupting the problem is basically not existed. .

As for the cost, it is expensive according to the product’s quality, usually around thousands.

"Foreign experience: Shanghai has a community for blindly installed elevator speech broadcast system China Business Daily reporter search found, December 2020 .

  In the report of local media published, the system is installed by the "Community Neighborhood Committee, Property and Disabled Personnel." Huashang News reporter Fu Qi Meng / Wen Chen unity / map Source: Hua Shang.com – China Business News Related hot word search:.