Xiongan Design Forum held in Xiongan New District

Original title: The Xiongan Design Forum held the Xiongan Design Forum, one of the first major events of Hebei International Industrial Design, held in Xiongan New District, held in the Exhibition Center of Xiongan Business Service Center.

Lu Shiming, Vice President of the China Disabled Persons, Chen Xiaoya, deputy director of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Research Cooperation Promotion Association, Department of Standing Committee, Vice President of Hebei Provincial Party Committee, Vice Governor, Director of the Party Work Committee of Xiongan New District Zhang Guohua attended the forum. Chen Xiaoya said that China’s Production and Research Cooperation Promotion Association as an integrated innovative resource, transforming scientific and technological innovation achievements, enhancing innovative service platforms, will do a good job with Xiongan New District, and make more effective and more effective in vigorous service for Xiongan intelligent urban construction Work, contribute to the promotion of national significant strategies.

Zhang Guohua said that with the continued advancement of large-scale development and construction in the new district and the continued advancement of Beijing’s non-Capital functional discovery, all kinds of innovative talents and resource elements will speed up agglomeration, and industrial design has broad prospects in the new district, huge potential and unlimited business opportunities. I hope that the majority of enterprises and designers will actively promote innovative design and urban construction, people’s life and economic development depth, with design to retain history, write the era of works, and jointly create "wonderful" "Heart" . The forum expands 6 large segments through the theme speech and round table dialogue, many business leaders, scientific and technological elites, design scholars around the theme of "re-igniting the world: the design of the design of the design", imagine design and city, design and culture, design and industrial innovation, The purpose of designing and new consumption of the future development trend, interview design.

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